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In Somalia, a US gunboat also bombarded al Shabaab fighters on the shoreline.

The US has also carried out several ground raids with special forces and at least two attacks with cruise missiles.

The “other US operations” category will now tally ground operations, such as special forces raids, and the naval bombardment and the cruise missile attacks.

2017 Current budget as adjusted by the High Commissioner as of October 2017; pending presentation to Ex Com's Standing Committee 2018 Original budget as approved by the Executive Committee in October 2017All other years are considered final for budget and expenditure data.

The conflict has compelled UNHCR to shift the focus of its strategy from solutions to immediate emergency assistance, while pursuing protection activities such as reception, refugee status determination (RSD), and legal counselling.

Throughout the country, the lack of security has severely hampered humanitarian efforts.

Access to basic services such as water, health, food, livelihoods opportunities, shelter and relief items, and protection interventions has been limited, and 80 per cent of the overall population needs humanitarian aid.

Although operating in a difficult security environment, UNHCR has continued to provide life-saving assistance and critical protection support for more than 2.3 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), a major increase from the 2014 recorded population of 290,000 IDPs, and 264,600 refugees in Yemen.

Because of this, we have decided to re-organise how we aggregate the individual strike figures.