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Sancho and David drive to Víctor's house, arriving just as Clara has finished writing Víctor a farewell letter. At the end, David narrates a letter written to his wife from Miami, where he is spending Christmas with some friends, apologizing for the way everything turned out.

Víctor challenges him to prevent him from doing whatever he wants, but David punches him below the belt.

Enraged, Víctor wrestles the gun from her; in the process Elena gets knocked out, and the gun goes off. The younger cop, David (Javier Bardem) is clean-cut and sober.

Through the window they catch sight of Víctor physically struggling with Elena.

Elena, now his wife, cheers him on from the sidelines.

Víctor has made good use of his time in jail, taking a correspondence course in education, working out, and enriching his mind with a variety of subjects, including the Bible. His mother has died, leaving him some money and a house in an area scheduled for demolition.

While Víctor is working overnight at the orphanage, Elena arrives to remove her belongings and offers Víctor a night of passion on condition he never contacts her again.

Elena then tells David about this night of infidelity.

Elena objects, but can offer no compelling argument against Víctor.