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See more » In one point Caesar talks to Cleopatra about Rome's interest in Egyptian maize.

Designed by legendary architect Bob Fox, the architecture and interiors of the hotel are deeply inspired by the city’s famed art, culture and heritage.

See more » I have always thought it was one of the most underrated Hollywood epics.

First of all,it's only partially an epic:most of the scenes are intimate,generally two characters who are constantly tearing each other apart. Mankiewicz,one of the most intelligent director of his time,rewrote the dialogue during the shooting,night after night ,and the results are stunning,considering the difficulties he encountered with his budget and his stars.

And to Cleo's awesome Rome entrance ,you can prefer Ceasar's epilepsy fit. Elizabeth Taylor had already worked with Mankiewicz (the extraordinary "suddenly last Summer") and she learned a lot with him;she's now ready for the great roles of the sixties:"Virginia Woolf","Secret ceremony" "taming of the shrew".