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Find the good qualities in the person you are with. Laugh with each other and don't take things for granted.

And girls like it when guys make the first move, or moves.

The best spot to meet someone in Dallas depends on you. Here’s some cold, hard truth: Relationships grow and mature based on common ground.

Good spots for a date..most romantic thing you could do is a nice candlelight dinner at home for the lady. Let us know that they need us and love us and depend upon us.

You can meet singles anywhere in Houston." -Raheem Washington, Houston/Humble "For men, we love honest women. At times, we just need to know that security of a woman. If the whole world is turning against us, we need to know that we can turn to our woman to protect us.

The family was so hodgepodge looking that it was distracting- yeah right they are brothers, yeah right that's his dad...

I think this got bit in the butt by a low budget and honestly it was kind of sophomoric...

You can check it out on the Houston poets website." -Kim, Southwest Houston "Girls are looking for funny, intelligent men who talk to them like they are another human being and not just someone of the opposite sex. bring a tent or a sleeping bag and spend a romantic evening by the beach shore...

We like to be taken to sporting events believe it or not. There are many restaurants for a date and the place & atmosphere is wonderful. " -J Hernandez, Houston "When girls in Houston are attractive they are typically very arrogant about it, and refuse to intermingle with guys even on a friends basis who fall below their level.

it's a romance without "big boy pants." So I neither recommend it nor swear you off it completely..

just keep your expectations low and they will be met.

Be friendly and kind and think of something different than just dinner and a movie. They need to know what they want, how to obtain it, and actually working towards it!