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Who is rohanna dating

Any cosmetic blemishes, flaws, or corrosion due to chemicals, abrasives, negligence or climate conditions will not be covered.

I work at a restaurant as a general manager and also starting school soon for nursing.

I love my family very much and spend alot of time with them.

She said she is prepared mentally and emotionally, and, statistically, her game should measure up. “We'll just see what 2016 brings.” Said Virgili: “She's a great athlete whether it's golf or whatever.

Her average driving distance of 270 yards would have made her the second-longest hitter on the LPGA, and her 74.3-percent greens in regulation would have ranked seventh. I think she can do anything she puts her mind to.” The LPGA season is a month away.

Playing on the LPGA Tour was her other dream, and she is prepared to have the best of both worlds. Though she also played softball and basketball growing up, golf was her passion.

Rohanna's dual life came naturally: Her mother's side of the family had the golfers, and her father's side the farmers. In elementary school, she wrote stories about playing on the LPGA and winning the U. She won't go so far as to say she sacrificed her youth for the sake of golf, but she did miss out on some teenage activities. No staying up until midnight because of a tournament early the next day.

I love to go out dancing with the girls and just have fun.

Watching sports is one of my favorite things to do, but going to games is even better, esp sox and bulls games ;) Im very outgoing and have a great heart and Im looking for someone who i can have fun with!

“Ever since we started dating, we've had a long-distance relationship,” said Virgili, a former Jefferson-Morgan wrestler who met Rohanna at a banquet for WPIAL champions.

He attended Penn State while she was at Ohio State. We Skype.” “Sometimes we go five weeks, six weeks when we don't see each other,” she said.

The top 10 players on the money list earned their cards, and Rohanna edged the No. She's a newly minted LPGA Tour player, but Rachel Rohanna is more country than country club.