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Who is rob lowe dating

I really want to know more about Rob is the hottest man on TV . If he is gay Id love to know it and if anyone out there knows and has fooled around with him please let us know... All I know is he is so hot I would do anything to meet him and if he was Gay Id love to have sex with him. I want to be his boyfriend :) LOL I am totally crazy about Rob!!

You can see his long term boyfriend (which he claims is his "friend" or "wingman") in his Twitter account. Another one who is deeply in the closet with no girlfriend in YEARS. pretend they're just "bros" or whatever when they're really having sex with each other?

I'm just curious because I'm a straight female and notice this trend.

She herself will confirm that-- she's pretty open about it. Shortly after they broke up-- she even took to her facebook to make indirect comments and post song lyrics.

To address the rumor that he is dating his friend Adam? He has known Adam for quite some time and they are bros-bros.

He deleted all the comments in relation to his domestic violence case-- he didn't give a damn about the accusations that he was gay. And doesn't try to mask the implications that he is gay with named lovers.

He brushes it off because that's what you do when you know something isn't true and it doesn't bother you. My group of friends in Florida know Rob rather well. He dated a girl named Kelley that broke up with him after she found out he cheated on her (twice) with a girl.

There is still stigma to being gay like it or not, and many of these closeted men do not have the COURAGE to simply come out of the closet, despite it being 2014. This is a common theme amongst Rob and the men he PRETENDS to be friends with, when it is CLEAR they are more than friends (flirtatious comments, taking trips together, etc). I wish I could find a way to meet him and get involved with him. First, the instagram account that a few of you kept citing (as though it was proof of anything) was actually run by me.

Notice how there are no girlfriends in ANY of these men's lives (that Rob is associated with, including Rob himself, of course)all you want about ROb but he is the hottest man I have ever seen. "Admityouregay" and I know many of you will be skeptical-- so I've gone ahead and changed the profile picture to address Data lounge. ranging from accusations that he was gay to asking him to address his domestic abuse history.

The boyfriend re-tweeted this from Ryan Seacrest: "If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old." #QOTDSounds like he and Rob will have much to smile about when they're old.

Sorry R163, I just realized not everyone can see it.

Although believe me, as a straight attractive woman, NO ONE is more out of luck than me in this city, because everything as good looking as Rob (or close to it) just wants men anyway!! u assholes who don't like this thread don't fucken read it and to the person who posted that pic..thanks and yea I don't have no luck with him or anyone as hot as him...:( but I can fantasize as the man is so hot. I am so in love lust (call it what you want) with him. I tweeted him on his twitter account that he was so handsome and loved watching him and he favorite my tweet I would think a straight man would not favor a tweet where a guy calls him handsome! But he has messed with several girls, faking interest in them, making it like he wanted to date them, all for nothing. He just took some pictures with other men/women on the trip, but make no mistake-- he went to Europe with just one guy, one he's been seeing for years since he lived out in California (and possibly longer).