Start Who is rita jensen dating

Who is rita jensen dating

We had a recent piece about the health plans: Do they really cover the issues most concerned to women? The thing that's going around right now about children's health coverage – that also covers pregnant women, but you haven't heard a word of it in other media.

Deciding to take real estate to a higher level they both stepped away from this prior franchise in 2004 to open up one of the fasted growing companies of its time.

I personally worked close with Chase Belk from the Lee Garland and Rita Jensen team.

While at the newspaper for just two years, she won eight awards for her investigative journalism.

She moved on to write for the Stamford Advocate, the American Lawyer, and the National Law Journal, as well as freelancing for news outlets including the New York Times, ABA Journal and Ms.

“Steering intentionally perpetuates residential segregation and is illegal under the Fair Housing Act,” Smith said.

“This is why it is imperative that real estate companies work to expand equal housing opportunities for everyone.

It was among the 100 Best Websites for Women named by Forbes in 2013, and readers named it their "Favorite Women's Rights Blog or Website" in 2012.

While serving as editor in chief at Women's e News, Jensen began a years-long investigative project focusing on maternal mortality rates among African American women.

"I was a prize-winning investigative reporter," Jensen told Sheryl Mc Carthy in a 2011 interview for CUNY's One on One, "but I began to say, 'I have to focus on what's going on with women, because no one else is.'"Founded by Jensen as a project of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund in 1999, Women's e News became an independent organization in 2002.

Jensen described to Mc Carthy the Women's e News approach to news coverage: "We will not endorse a candidate, but we will report the issues from the perspective of women's interests.

Additionally, Lorgroup agreed to promote fair housing in the communities where it does business and agreed to expand equal housing opportunities for all consumers, NFHA said in a release.