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Who is lindsay wagner dating

But at the end of the film, Jaime's body rejects the organs, killing her.

They dealt with child abuse and domestic violence; things that television at the time just wasn't tackling.

There is no trace of make-up and it is clear that she has not succumbed to the pressure of cosmetic surgery.

The nearest she has come is using acupressure which, she says, can create a surgery-free face lift.

I worked with the writers, always pushing for it not to be so black and white, not just tunnel vision of the good guy, bad guy, but looking at the bigger picture."Even Jaime's powers were a metaphor for human potential."Although she doesn't really want to talk about the recent remake of Bionic Woman starring ex-East Ender Michelle Ryan, she says she felt they missed an opportunity to continue what she had started, and made the show too dark.