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‘It was all weird and scraggly and misspelt’, she told me.

Conspicuous by her absence from the will was Kerouac’s only known child, Jan - the product of his short-lived marriage to his second wife Joan Haverty.

Kerouac and Haverty separated before Jan’s birth in 1952, and for many years Kerouac denied his daughter’s existence.

‘Write a book.’ She went on to write two, drawing on a troubled life that had included teenage prostitution and problems with drink and drugs, while struggling to support herself working variously as a dishwasher, a baker and even as an extra in the 1980 film about her father, Heartbeat (in a cruel reflection of their relationship, her role ended up on the cutting-room floor.) In 1982, at a writer’s conference in Colorado she met John Steinbeck Jr, the son of the novelist, who told her that as Kerouac’s daughter, under the terms of copyright renewal, she was entitled to a share of royalties on her father’s books. By the 1990’s, she was receiving up to $40,000 a year.