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Who is haley atwell dating

Her mother, Allison, is a therapist and motivational speaker. My father believes in finding your own personal journey, he’d never push anything on me.

It gave me a bit more appreciation for nature and more openness to other people’s pathways and religions.” What about her mother? I felt tremendously loved by both of them and I feel very grateful for that.” I mention something I’d read, in a previous interview, in which she had joked about her mother’s New Age tendencies being of the “F--- off, I’m meditating” variety. “I regret saying that because I think it was disrespectful, I understand a lot more now – you’re a single mum bringing up a child on your own in inner-city London, life isn’t always easy and she found a way through meditation to keep calm.

Did she experience the typically intense relationship of an only child with a single parent? “It was like growing up with a best friend as well as a mother. So I can understand now how it might have felt to have a child knocking at your door, and thinking, 'Can you just f--- off for a minute, I’m trying to de-stress.’ “As I get older I appreciate everything they’ve done for me, because I realise that everyone has their difficulties and their struggles in life.

But the character, as she revealed to her followers that she also had to get a new license dressed as her fictional persona! Really dressed as Peggy, Atwell rocked her old-Hollywood hair, red lipstick and signature costume.

"So I told people I had to go to the dmv dressed as Peg. We can only imagine what the employee who took the photo was thinking.

There’s an innocence about them as a fan base, it’s not aggressive, but they really do love that world. “That’s a very personal question,” she says, adopting a clipped RP tone.

I approach Peggy Carter as I would any character, then take all the make-up off and go home and be myself. “I think anything is life-changing money if you’re doing something you love and earn a living from it, because it takes you beyond doing a job just for survival.” Next up is something for love.

“I like working with them as people and it’s nice to do something that’s at least half modern,” she says.

She’s referring to the way casting directors look at her voluptuous figure and see the perfect Forties heroine. It’s wonderful to look like a period heroine, there’s something very beautiful and romantic about that.

I think Sylvia loves her husband deeply and his unhappiness causes her great unhappiness.

“I can relate to bouts of the blues or moments when self-destructive thoughts are a way of dealing with your surroundings.

But I think there’s so much more going on behind my eyes and in my head than just looking a certain way.” The play juxtaposes the way that changing attitudes affect the lives of people who are alike in spirit but living in different eras.