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Who is djimon hounsou dating

That's never more clear than when Hounsou first saunters on screen to aid the white hero in his quest for self-actualization, and eventually saunters back off — it's evident that the story should really have been about Abou Fatma all along. Reluctant, rebellious henchman to Prospera (Helen Mirren).

That Abou Fatma ends up suffering for his assistance by getting whipped by some of the men Harry wants to help only delineates Harry's status as a good Englishman versus his more ignorant, arrogant colonial cohorts.

The Four Feathers is a revisionist take on a 1902 novel that's been adapted to screen several times, but it never feel revisionist enough.

But, in addition to the twist of gender flipping the main character and casting Helen Mirren as Prospera, the movie manages a kind of metatextual commentary on Hounsou's career in having him play resentful slave Caliban, one of literature's iconic "others." Ironically, this turns out to be a role in which Hounsou's physicality works better than his performance — never comfortable with the verse, he also plays Caliban very broadly, an approach that only works some of the time. not yet."Housou's role as the Numidian Juba in Ridley Scott's brawny Best Picture winner is his most classic and perhaps most stereotypical sidekick role, but it's also, admittedly, his most memorable.

Though Hounsou was born in Bénin, he's lived in the U. for the past 25 years and when he's not being cast as exotic, helpful warrior types, he's frequently playing exotic, menacing lackeys.

“The idea of marrying somebody can actually ruin the union”, Djimon told Hip Hollywood.

Could this statement give us a little insight on what happened between Djimon and Kimora Lee Simmons? Just a year later the two participated in a traditional commitment ceremony in Djimon’s native country Benin.

He's the big bad's most formidable lieutenant, leading a group of easily disposed assassins while wearing an incredibly pointy leather jacket and packing axe heads on chains in his sleeves.