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Who is daniel johns dating

The 24-year-old Australian was given his first recording contract when he was just 14 (after he and his friends Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou - now his Silverchair band mates - won a demo competition) and was touring America with the Red Hot Chili Peppers by the age of 16."It was awful," he says, in a tiny voice, as he fiddles with the bangles on his thin wrists. I had to move back to my parents' house because there were too many stairs in mine, and then I had to sleep in my sister's room because it was on the ground floor. All I could do was lie on the sofa, but nobody could join me on it, because when they sat down even the movements of the cushions hurt too much.''He first realised that something was seriously wrong in November 2001, while working on Silverchair's latest album, Diorama.

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"It had nothing to do with vanity, it was about protection, and then control.

I was beaten up by this group of young men once and afterwards I thought, `If I get really skinny, they'll stop picking on me; the press will stop picking on me.' So I lost a heap of weight in a short space of time and it totally worked - they left me alone.

Ex-Silverchair Singer Daniel Johns Drops NSFW Video for 'Aerial Love': Watch The singer’s new music is from a different solar system to the style Silverchair launched their career with in the early ‘90s.

He admits his musical evolution hasn’t fulfilled everyone’s wishes.

It was falling in love with Natalie Imbruglia, a fellow Australian pop star, that brought Johns back from the brink.