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Who is chuck hughes dating

Chuck recently launched Deep Dish MTL, Canada’s first multi-chef recipe i Pad/i Phone app, which features recipes from some of Montreal’s finest chefs.

CH: You need to be surrounded by an amazing team - the first rule of restaurant business!

I probably would have to say a tie between hot sauce and salt. If you're allergic to peanut butter, you don't eat peanut butter. We're discovering food through one street in a city. The real honest answer is it doesn't matter where you go. A lot of time it is that (way)..I'd love to discover the food there. I feel like it gives people an idea of where food come from. John's, Newfoundland, is one of the best food cities, the easternmost point of North America. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur airport, Hong Kong International are amazing. Halifax, Nova Scotia, is unique because you can get your own live lobster and hop on the plane with it packed to go home.

I haven't had any drugs or alcohol, not even a glass of wine, for six years. This is Season 2 of "Chuck Eats the Street." What's the goal? I've had the chance to be on TV quite a bit with "Chuck's Day Off." This is my third series, and it is all about celebrating America. I don't want to generalize, but any airport in Asia is off the charts.

Being a small-town boy from Montreal, lobster poutine was part of our repertoire. It didn't help us on "Iron Chef." We did win, but not because of that. But if I had to do it all over again, I would still make the lobster poutine.

You go to Malaysia and on a street corner there's an 85-year-old woman with five ingredients and the best flavor in your life.

After going to culinary school and working in some of the hottest restaurants in Montreal he partnered with his two best friends and opened Garde Manger to rave reviews and packed seating.

In August 2011, he and his partners opened their second restaurant in Montreal – Le Bremner.

CH: This adventure became six one hour episodes travelling through Canada, celebrating food and the people who make Canada great. DS: We hit the road in August and shot the show over six weeks, into September.