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Who is chris perez dating

Nevertheless, and in spite of a more pop-leaning follow-up in 2001 (), he was never able to maintain the momentum of his Grammy-winning night and spent most of his time playing on albums for others.

The name of their daughter and son are Cassie and Noah. According to sources, Villanueva decided to dissolve her marriage as Perez had alcohol and drug issues.

He rarely came home and was mostly busy partying outside.

Till date, Selena’s album selling record is more than 60 million.

Despite, Selena’s demise a long time ago, sources claim that Perez is still in touch with the Quintanilla, Selena’s family.

“The politics [of the music industry] and all that, I wasn’t mentally prepared.

With Los Dinos there was a clear direction and we all had a job to do, but when I became the leader of my own band, it was a little too overwhelming for me.” His drugs-, alcohol- and depression-fueled downward spiral started in April of ’95, days after Selena’s death, and lasted through November of 1996.

It took him many years to gradually open up, and he finally did, with a vengeance, with his critically acclaimed book , the name of his band), recorded a full-length album produced by Emilio Estefan Jr. Instead, he decided to fulfill his dream of recording a rock en español album.

and is prepared perform Sunday at the second day of the Festival People en Español at the Alamodome. won and the rock en español establishment (yours truly included) went “WTF? Little did we know that Pérez himself was the first to be surprised. “When they announced,‘‘And the winner is...’ and they started saying ‘Re...,’’ in my head I said,‘‘OK, [Café Tacuba’s] Revés/Yosoy won.’ And [my band] told me, ‘Dude, we won!

Rumors claim that Villanueva wanted to work things out and wanted to dismiss her filed divorce, but eventually, they ended up stating irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Reports say that Villanueva demanded all of Perez’s properties during the final property settlement.

He’s living the best time of a solo career that was marked by controversy from the very start. ’ I’m glad I won, but I couldn’t believe it.” Not that is a bad album, but Pérez was and still is considered an outsider in a genre that regards pop artists crossing over to rock with suspicion.