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What to expect when dating a jewish girl

I just hoped my father would agree and come around to the idea that dating-even marrying-a non-Jew didn't have to be a .

We attended Judaism classes and a support group for interfaith couples and agreed that if we ever had kids, we would raise them as Jews.

I loved my father dearly, respected his convictions even when we didn't always agree, and ascribed great importance to his opinions.

But I wasn't willing to break up with my boyfriend.

Jewish guys have been fasting on Yom Kippur and lighting the Menorah ccatholic before their balls dropped and they fell for you.

We catholic dating jewish girl our children as extensions catohlic ourselves. Deny them the Eucharist, and knowledge of the salvific sacrifice of Christ.

I never expected it to be more than a summer fling, but things escalated quickly. "And I can't marry a non-Jew."I then explained the concept of a -something that would bring shame upon oneself, one's family, and the entire Jewish community.

On our fourth date I informed him in no uncertain terms, "This can't go anywhere.""Why? Based on my upbringing, I would feel guilty for betraying generations of Jewish martyrs who had died so that I could be free to be Jewish.

Recently I asked my dad if he still thought intermarriage was a .