Start Weekly devotionals for dating couples

Weekly devotionals for dating couples

When we don’t believe or trust that God cares about us and will give us what we need, we will be constantly unhappy, afraid, and taking matters into our own hands.

We don’t always like to admit it, but we’ve all been there: you don’t get what you want, and someone else does.

As much as we may think we feel genuinely happy for our friends when they get that promotion/boyfriend/baby/dream house, the cold fingers of jealousy and envy can poke into our hearts with disturbing force.

Now let’s see if we can melt some of that ice with these free christian games…

Okay, this is just like a regular game of chess but with a few exceptions.

18 Since Jacob was in love with Rachel, he told her father, “I’ll work for you for seven years if you’ll give me Rachel, your younger daughter, as my wife.” I don’t know about you, but I would rather be the Rachel in this story; she’s beautiful and she got the guy. Though he married both women, he made it clear he loved Rachel more than Leah.

But on a daily basis I think we usually feel a little more like Leah – not quite good enough. Left feeling unloved, Leah searched for affection and security in having children: When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, he enabled her to have children, but Rachel could not conceive. She named him Reuben, for she said, “The Lord has noticed my misery, and now my husband will love me.” She soon became pregnant again and gave birth to another son.

The meaning of the phrase “no sparkle” is uncertain but some Bible translators think it was a nice way of saying Leah was not that attractive. She named him Simeon, for she said, “The Lord heard that I was unloved and has given me another son.” Leah was gripped with a desire for affection and tried to get it from her husband and having children.

Each time she hoped she would finally get what she was searching for, but to no avail.

Whenever a player over-takes the playing piece of their partner, they say “Bless me!

” That player is then entitled to be blessed with a romantic treat of their choosing.

How could God be a more stable source of love and affection than any of those things? “He’s the one who has kept you from having children!