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We were looking forward to sharing that intimacy once we were married.

And now that it was "good," my body didn't know what to do, because it had spent so many years not letting itself get too excited around members of the opposite sex.

Prude is not a cenobite's memoir, but a romp through traditional church and modern bedroom, both of which are found to be leached of meaning and spiritually threadbare. Prude is fresh, real, and honest in ways no other Christian authors are speaking today. Being a single Christian women in the world today is sometimes difficult but Carrie points out how God is always available to us for strength and even supernatural intervention.

Whatever you feel about faith and Christianity, meeting Carrie Lloyd in the pages of Prude will convince you of one thing: Chastity can be sexy." – Michael Braverman, Executive Producer, A Smith Company"Carrie's book is a MUST–read for every person committed to sexual purity who has struggled with sex, self worth, shame, and judgment while on the road to freedom and... Instead of being politically correct in terms of 'Christianese,' Carrie says it like it is so that women can actually be set free by dialogue they relate to." – Cynthia Garrett, Inspirational Speaker, Evangelist, Executive Producer, and Host of The London Sessions on TBN Carrie Lloyd is a professional writer, life coach, and pastor.

She has written about everything from fashion to faith for Glamour, Magnify, Grazia, Company, and The Huffington Post, and spoken about modern sex and love worldwide, as well as on television, radio and schools throughout the UK. The lady really knows how to turn a phrase and tear your heart out at the same time.

Originally from London, Carrie currently resides in Redding, California, where she has completed ministry training and works at Bethel Church.

The thing I love about this book is honest conversation about sexuality. I put this one down as another critical book in my own growing collection of important books to read about sexuality.

Parts of her story I could relate to more than others, but hearing all of it was formative for me. I expected a theologically watered down book about a girl's past and was happily impressed with this.

From incredulous girlfriends, to damp and derailed boyfriends, Lloyd finds that 'holding out' is fraught with uncertainty and frustration.

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