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Although reporters asked President Bush to elaborate on his motivations for going to war, he stated "Well, they're little and I think we can take em, they've always been trouble makers from the start.

Responding to this crisis, known as the Poke Dome scandal, Governor Don Knotts admitted to legalizing the hunting of Pokemon at a press conference justifying his actions as, "Legitimate business." (it was only after the release of Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green, the Pokémon population of this state has begun to grow once more).

Shortly following this incident, Knotts was forced to resign from office in favor of Don Carcieri who has since been involved in the possible sale of Rhode Island to neighboring countries, including Great Britain as Prime Minister Tony Blair who remarked the purchase of Rhode Island "would allow our pubs to stay open till 4 a.m." A recent modification to the state constitution (which legalized casino gambling, prostitution and child labor for the Narragansett tribe on their reservation) also allowed for the creation of an infinite number of towns and cities.

The carpet is interrupted only by the strategic placement of Dunkin Donuts shops every 35 feet.