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Validating data filemaker

What happens when my License of Script Master Advanced Expires? No, any plugins already created with Script Master Advanced will continue to function forever.

Script Master Script Master Advanced Version comparison Video tutorial Script Master Advanced FAQ File Maker Community comments System Requirements Complete list of Script Master functions User-contributed Script Master functions Script Master, a free plugin for File Maker Pro, is 360Works' most popular product.

Version 4.0 delivers speed increases of up to 10x version 3, the ability to load and share modules on the network, and now includes more than 80 modules, with new modules added for XPath parsing, i Phone push notifications, and file manipulation.

Do my users have to pay to use the plugins that I create?

Click on the "Download/Buy" link near the top of this page to see more information about the different license type available.

Can the plugins that I generate use the Script Master Advanced functions, like SQL execution? File Maker Talk highlighted the latest version of Script Master and Groovy 1.8, including JSON support, in their podcast.

"I truly can't even think of running a File Maker solution without using Script Master.

The SQL Execution and clipboard access features do not expire.