Start Updating your sound

Updating your sound

For all other brands not listed above, the financing terms and conditions are: 18-month Financing, 0% APR, 20% Down.

Equal monthly payments are required and will be charged to the credit card selected during the promotional period and until the balance is paid for in full. Rental customer rental credit offers vary by state and instrument type.

Please refer to a sales associate or your rental agreement to find out how much of your qualifying rental credit may be applied to the instrument you are purchasing.

Beginner instruments offer curious new students easy introductions to the experience of making music.

But as students strive to develop stronger technique and improve sound quality, a beginning instrument may start to hinder that progress.

Pay $0 down when you purchase a product from the following vendors only: Albert Nebel, Allora, Altus, Andreas Eastman, Armstrong, Azumi, B&S, Bach, Backun, Bellafina, Besson, Blessing, Buffet Crampon, Christopher, Conn, Conn-Selmer, Core Select, Core Series, Antoine Courtois, Doetsch, Dragon, Eastman, Eastman Master Series, Emanuel Wilfer, Frederich Wyss, Gemeinhardt, Giardinelli, Hans Hoyer, Haynes, Haynes Amadeus, Holton, Howard Core, Ivan Dunov, Jupiter, Keilwerth, King, Kohr, Leblanc, Ludwig, Meinl Weston, Otto Benjamin, P.

Mauriat, Pearl, Pearl Flutes, Powell Signature, Powell- Sonare, S. Shires, Sandner, Scherzer, Schreiber, Selmer, Selmer Paris, Simmons, Strobel, Verve, Wilfer, Wilhelm Klier, XO, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, and Zildjian.

A progressing student will eventually require a better instrument – a step-up instrument.

Typically, a step-up instrument is crafted from better-quality materials, features improved action from finer construction and is designed for consistency across practice and performance.

These elements help to improve sound, technique and build a student’s confidence which will help drive long-term success.

During UPGRADE YOUR SOUND we provide you with amazing discounts, special financing and online and in-store offers that can help take your performance to the next level!

This will check for important and optional updates that are available and then allow you to select which you want to install.