Start Updating multiple tables in a ms access database

Updating multiple tables in a ms access database

As you can see, the text Lenger Mason's has been selected.

Before you can add records to the table, you need to open it.

Once you remove the filter, all of your records should again be displayed in the datasheet.

Top of the Page Some times you will have records in your table that you will no longer need.

To process the request, click on the Find Next button.

If the value exists in the table, Access will move to that record.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to use the Find feature that is built into Access.

When you are in form view, the Find button will be on the Form toolbar as shown in Figure 3-06 in your book.

If you look at Figure 3-13in your book, you can see that only one record is displayed because only one record in the table matched the criteria.