Start Updating multiple select with ajax

Updating multiple select with ajax

In addition to the built-in transitions, you may also create custom transitions in your CSS files.

This attribute may be omitted, or be restored with the value that existed before Tooltipster was initialized, or be restored with the stringified value of the current content.

Default: 'hover'When 'trigger' is set to 'custom', all built-in close triggers are disabled by default. Plays a subtle animation when the content of the tooltip is updated (if the tooltip is open).

This option allows you to reactivate the triggers of your choice to create a customized behavior. You may create custom animations in your CSS files. Default: 'rotate'Tries to place the tooltip in such a way that it will be entirely visible on screen when it's opened.

If you want them to be able to make clicks, fill forms or do other interactions inside the tooltip, you have to set this option to true.

When the 'hover' close trigger is used, the user has to move the cursor to the tooltip before it starts closing (this lapse of time has its duration set by the 'delay' option).

The function must return the set of placement values, which you may have edited (see the positioning section).

Default: none (null)Give users the possibility to interact with the content of the tooltip.

It must return the value that will be displayed in the tooltip, either a string or a j Query-wrapped HTML element (see the formatting section).