Start Updating gps skoda amundsen

Updating gps skoda amundsen

You can find out the specific hardware revision by a) taking the unit out of the dash and looking for the part number or b) using a secret hidden menu.

Participating ŠKODA retailers use a ŠKODA approved disinfectant treatment which gets to the root of the problem.

]Across the complete site there are always 100s of visitors at all times.

We've put together some handy videos to help you keep your ŠKODA in tip top condition.

Click here to find out how to update your Amundsen navigation system.

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ŠKODA recommends regular use of your car's air conditioning all year round: If so, it could be because your car's air conditioning system needs cleaning.

Over a period of time the condensation that settles in your car's air conditioning system mixes with dirt, dust and other airborne pollutants.

Just like any other component on your car, your ŠKODA's air conditioning needs regular maintenance.