Start Updating firmware on e620

Updating firmware on e620

Press the [MENU] button, and then select (custom menu ).

It's capable of reading EXIF information embedded in photos as well as little thumbnail.

Because small thumbnail is already present in most photos displaying it is really fast.

The dust-collection system can easily deal with the particles that are a result of the dust-reduction system.

If the camera is used constantly in severe conditions, OLYMPUS recommends that the camera body be sent to an authorized OLYMPUS repair service center approximately at an interval of three to five years.

A color temperature value is expressed as a number followed by a "K," for Kelvin.

The chart below shows approximate values of different light sources in the E-620 White Balance menu: The E-620 White Balance menu displays icons to the left of the color temperature values to illustrate the relationship of the type of light to its Kelvin value.

You can assign the following functions to the [Fn] button: Fn FACE DETECT Press the [Fn] button to turn on the FACE DETECT.