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Updating counterstriek 1 5 1 6

A musket will do fine in Minecraft or perhaps a modifiable crossbow. Event Bus.dispatch(Event at Event Bus.dispatch Queued Events(Event at Load Event To Mod Container(Load at fml.common.

This has occured very frequently when I was playing. S Why was Notch playing Counter-Craft x DSo after playing Counter Craft for a couple of hours there are some things that you did amazingly well but on the other hand there are some gamebreaking things that need fixing ASAP. Just a nice reload animation and they would be perfect! And please add different moving speeds for each weapon like in CS.2a) Punishings full auto and shooting while walking. Are the Scout and the Ump-45/Bizon not good enough?!? Well I don;t know, yet what I do know is that they're not in CS: GO so could you replace them? Look I know that there will be more added to the mod but I'm just saying I would like to see copies of origial CS: GO maps as your first copy, de_dust2Well,that just about sums up my thoughts and first impressions of the mod.

What happens is that I am unable to fire any weapons and Instead I break blocks with my weapon. To anyone reading this : I know the mod has just been released but I just want to point the little things out so that they can be fixed. 3)The main menu looks stunningly like the real one. I get the feeling while playing Counter Craft that most people can get away with just shooting and running at the same time.2b) While scoped using the AWP and moving your accuracy doesn't seem to change. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you are Ferullo then I would greatly appreciate it if you took my ideas into consideration! I will take all this information into consideration.

After playing with the update 1.4.6 I noticed some gamebreaking bugs:1) The black screen.

I rarely get these but when I do come across it lots of people on the server gets them at the same time.2) Can't fire weapon.

It is really annoying because it tends to happen when I'm about the recieve a drop, or am on a really high kill streak! Thanks for reading, Hope there is a way to fix this!

EDIT: it seems that only a couple of the servers have been changed like this, but please don't let the others be like that!

So you could, say, make your Vector/Mac-10 shoot desert eagle bullets, except the recoil will stay the same.(Also, how do you like my new Avatar? I have no idea what causes this bug, but Counter Craft will just randomly quit to the technic menu. All the curvy hallways leading to B site make it impossible to be ready for AWPers in the site, there are so many "peep holes" in the boxes that you can hardly see Blue team people hiding there, it is COMPLETELY Blue Team sided! I'm sry if that was a lot of complaining in one paragraph, I really do love the mod so much already!