Start Updating classpath container

Updating classpath container

Select this option, and m2eclipse will attempt to download the source artifact from the Maven repository.

When you are trying to debug a complex issue in Eclipse, nothing can be easier than being able to right click on a third-party dependency and drill into the code in the Eclipse debugger.

This change is associated with how builds and runtime dependencies are managed in the Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP) v1.5 .

Rational Application Developer v7.0 J2EE tools are based on WTP 1.5.

Example Scenario: CANCELLED APAR PK59600, requested dynamic recomputing of the Rational Application Developer v7 WTP EAR Libraries classpath container on project checkout from a Software Configuration Management tool, such as CVS, demonstrates the misunderstanding of the new Eclipse WTP 1,5 J2EE build paradigm.