Start Updating bulk of code in query

Updating bulk of code in query

Are their any benefits to transitioning our code to another approach with the OPENROWSET command?

Larger batch sizes mean more prepared statement reuse internally but also mean more work during facility to iterate over the query results step by step instead of loading the whole result into memory at once.

On my laptop running Oracle Database 11The PL/SQL Challenge question in last issue’s “Working with Collections” article tested your knowledge of iterating through the contents of a sparsely populated collection.

Choice (c) is the only correct choice, and offers the simplest algorithm for accomplishing this task: DECLARE l_names DBMS_UTILITY.maxname_array; BEGIN l_names (1) := ‘Strawberry’; l_names (10) := ‘Blackberry’; l_names (2) := ‘Raspberry’; DECLARE indx PLS_INTEGER := l_names.

Part 9 in a series of articles on understanding and using PL/SQL In the previous article in this series, I introduced readers to PL/SQL collections.