Start Updating an 80s kitchen

Updating an 80s kitchen

It’s great to layer a few colorful pieces to freshen up the outdated kitchen.

Love the bold color pallet, black beauty gives weight and accents, the strong contrast of green pops the whole space up and the wood color infuses a warm and inviting feel. The family completed the renovation with repainting the wall yellow and the cabinet white. The island was a breeze to assemble and really high quality and very sturdy. It’s crazy what a difference a bit color scheme change can make, isn’t it?

The brown cabinets made the before kitchen feel like it came straight out of the 1970’s.

However, a lot of the difference is due to different paint colors and crown molding!

Love the two tone cabinets in blue and cream, the black hardware so much. I love the embellished gilded corner brackets on all drawers and cupboards, the blackboard painted wall, and that they replaced the corner cabinet with the open glass shelving. The remodeled kitchen has a trendy and attractive outlook looks much brighter now .