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Unmonitored chat videos

You Tube is full of videos showing teens pranking other Omegle users.

After chatting, kids can post or save their chat or just move on to a new stranger. Currently, the app only allows for conversations via text. Depending on my response, the stranger either disconnected or asked for more information.

I tried adding a few interests and asking a question.

Searching online, I found kids creating their own Omegle games.

On Tumblr, some of the popular bloggers will start a game where their followers have to try to find them on Omegle.

They also try to connect with people by having secret codes such as starting the conversation with “SWAG” if you’re a Justin Bieber fan.

Some chat with strangers while pretending to be a character from their favorite show or a celebrity.

It is not uncommon in video chat to see either a body part on display or a group of boys asking girls to flash them.