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This is a particularly important distinction for this age group since so many of them tend to be in higher education or vocational training and are thus not part of the active labour market.

Levels of French youth unemployment are “twice the levels of the UK and Germany” notes the , suggesting that this fact likely drove many of them into voting for Marine Le Pen in the recent Presidential election.

French youth are part of Europe’s “lost generation”, says CNN.

So, depending on which metric one uses, the French youth joblessness situation is either twice as bad as the UK’s, or roughly the same.

“One reason France looks worse on youth unemployment rates is that it has a much higher post-compulsory education participation rate than the UK, and that’s why the difference is much less when we compare the unemployment ratios than when we look at unemployment rates,” explains Nigel Meager, director of the Institute for Employment Studies.

And this was around double the UK rate of 13 per cent.

But the EU statistics agency also reports that the French youth unemployment ratio in that year was just 9.1 per cent, not so dramatically different from the UK ratio of 7.6 per cent.

Yet at the same time the youth jobless ratio of those states has risen since 2005, up from 8.7 per cent in Greece to 11.7 per cent (3 percentage points) and up from 9.4 per cent in Spain to 14.7 per cent (5.3 points).