Start Under the clock dating

Under the clock dating

by sinking into the carpet, or if you decide to position it elsewhere.

You will now need to re-set the crutch by bending it very gently to the left or right.

This may take two or three attempts on a trial and error basis.

When level the clock will tick evenly from left to right, the time lapse between ticks being about equal and regular – just like somebody walking.

A clock ‘out of beat’ will tick unevenly, like somebody limping, with each tick alternately long and short.

HOW TO SET UP AND ASSEMBLE A PENDULUM CLOCK To set up a longcase clock, first get your case where you want it and wedge it tightly up against the wall.

This may mean wedging a packing piece between the backboard top and the wall to fill the gap caused by your skirting board at ground level.

If the crutch is set correctly, the clock should run.