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Totally free phone chat line random

It took a few repeated "No thank you'" before they let me go.

I never initiated a first call, so how could I do that. The rep said he was calling me in regards to my request online. Told the rep that I didnt have my credit card with me... Almost went through with it when I found no less than 5 webpages devoted to scams of this company dating back to 2010. These people are working hard to separate you from the money you earned in sweat. Let's put a stop to this emotionally damaging practice, and put these people behind bars.

I've never in my life seen anything about this cruise line. With ID Theft at an all time high why would anyone give their credit card info to someone they didnt contact?? On a positive note, 30% of the passengers on the ship actually did come from the scam, only paying the port taxes. They are thieves, and deserve to be treated as such.

My son who was 7 at the time was really looking forward to meeting Mickey Mouse and was crushed when I told him we couldn't go.

He told me he understood my hesitation and that I could do my research at so I did. I then googled further to find this site with a wealth of information. I stated my misgivings, and they kept telling me to go to their website

Thought I was paying for a trip to Orlando Florida to take my son to see Mickey Mouse and when I got ready to go, all hell broke loose. When I got ready to go on the trip, I contact these Plaza Resort people and was told the money I paid was simply a deposit and I had to pay nearly $800 more for the rest of the trip. All the while letting me believe my trip was paid in full.

So here I had a round trip plane tickets to Orlando and no place to stay, no tickets for amusement parks.

I have a feeling this wll go no where However our ordeal also involved some discrepencis with an airline, and I received an email from ABC news interested in our story, so I also included our experience with Bahamas Celebration.. I asked a couple questions and they transferred me to a supervisor. He said it wouldn't be fair to other people that have to pay immediately. You who were scammed out of money need to go to your local news station to get the story out. I received a call telling me I was selected to receive a free cruise on the grand celebration from the Grand Bahama Cruise Line. I called this number from my land line; and as suspected turned out to be a swoosh number.