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Tom tom gps updating

The beta tester group had about 80 participants, including professional guides, long distance hikers, backcountry skiers, hunters, off-roaders, mountain-bikers, and others – a broad cross-section of the Gaia GPS community.

Starting last September, eleven people worked on the design, engineering, and cartography for the new Gaia GPS.

We simply forget to enable location services for our app(s)! If it works, continue as is until your immediate need is completed and then re-enabled LTE.

If you don’t allow an app permission to access your location, then it ain’t gonna work and find you or that fancy new restaurant. If turning off LTE did nothing, turn it back on and try again to see if GPS has returned.

After upgrading my phone to the i OS 10 update, my i Phone 6S GPS worked without any hiccups.

The GPS Voice navigation has continued to show no issues even after upgrading to i OS 10.3 and 11.

Okay, we all know that buildings interfere with signals, especially metal and glass buildings.

So get a move on and head to more open space or move outside and see if that new location gives you a better signal. It’s probably the most common reason GPS isn’t working.

The first workaround for this issue that seems to work for a few of our readers is to thoroughly drain the i Phone battery and then recharge it using the original wall charger.