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The relative dating principle of

In his essay, Woodmorappe focuses on rare exceptions to the general principles outlined in my essay, while ignoring the vast amount of evidence supporting those principles (see section 5.8 below).

The author of this essay wrote a response to Wieland. Creationist "John Woodmorappe" has written a long essay (with 152 references) arguing against the conclusions presented here.

For example, one protein called "cytochrome c" has been examined in more than eighty species. However, in both cases errors present in the "originals" appeared in the alleged copies.

These cytochrome c amino acid sequences represent "digital" bits of data that can be used to quantify differences between species, and these differences can be used to construct evolutionary trees much like those based on comparisons of "analog" features of body anatomy. The courts judged that it was inconceivable that the same errors could have been made independently by each plaintiff and defendant, and ruled in both cases that copying had occurred.

He has rehashed many of the false arguments that I have already rebutted in section 5.