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Tom Bergeron, who hosted the '90s version, is still in the hosting business — maybe a reboot could lure him away from Dancing With the Stars. Who hasn't dreamed of hopping in a cab, expecting a boring ride to their destination, only to be suddenly thrust into the brightly-colored world of the Cash Cab?

And, also like Beat the Clock, it needs to come back to TV.

The personalities were what made Match Game so entertaining and so hilarious — and with the right cast, a modern reboot could be incredible.

Briefly brought back in the early '00s as Whammy, the original Press Your Luck aired in the mid-'80s.

There were many iterations of this show, but the ones that matter all share a few characteristics.

First, they were hosted by the inimitable Gene Rayburn.

And despite how much fun it was to guess along with contestants, there was nothing quite as entertaining as a contestant realizing that time is running out and only being able to think of a highly inappropriate word to blurt out in order to try to salvage the round.

Hosted for much of its run by the one-and-only Dick Clark, the various iterations of Pyramid (based on the maximum prize value available) made for some of the best game show viewing ever.

How many people have stood in their supermarket checkout lines, heard the beep, and wished they could compete on the show?