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They are familiar with the questions and issues that can come up and how to handle them.

During her recovery, she met another survivor who had gone through the stages of recovery, including the anger portion.

She urged Melissa to move forward with forgiveness of her attacker.

It's sometimes hard for parents to find a balance between hovering over a teen and giving them too much freedom.

After all, guiding teens into the dating world is an unfamiliar experience for many parents. Some teens date because they see their friends beginning to date and don't want to be left behind.

The attack left her with facial paralysis and the need for multiple surgeries, traveling to Boston to see specialists and surgeons, including nerve and muscle transplantations to her face, so she can one day smile fully again.

She has had to re-learn how to talk, eat, laugh, even close and open her eyes.

Parents must set up expectations for the teen and, most importantly, be there to talk with their child about any problems or conflicts that come up.

A parent who looks at dating from their teenager's point of view will be better able to understand what their teen is going through.

Teens who can talk to their parents about anything will feel supported and develop self-confidence.

It's important for parents to talk with their teens about dating in a non-judgmental, open way.

There is not a specific age when teenagers begin to date.