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19 months, had been the round of occupation on board an American whaler.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. £W YORK I roi^.d O LIBRARY ASTOR, LFNOX A^D LONDON : MAURICE AND C0.| PRINTERS, H0WF0RD-BUILDING8, FENCHURCH-8TREET. The mild in- fluence of the climate sp read a " delightful lazy languor" over the ship's company.

It is high time that England should be on a par with the Continent in this respect, one of the greatest conceivable benefits to her poor, and, in fact, to all members of a community highly taxed both in every article of life, and in every item of income. 21 tbat he should feel an invincible desire to roam at liberty among the green groves and deep glens visible from the deck ?

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