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Teen dating rights

Therefore, a parent's job changes from being the person in charge all of the time to being more of a monitor and advisor.

Parents have the right to make mistakes and change their minds.

Mistakes happen, learning to fix a mistake and apologizing is important.

When it comes to discipline, parenting experts focus on the things that change for parents when their child begins adolescence.

This is because teens start to form their identities and need more independence.

While teens are given the ultimate choice of what they want to do with their future lives, parents can influence it by using encouraging methods, but not through discipline.

For example, encourage your teen to like science by sending them to space camp, but don't take away privileges because they didn't read the book on the solar system that you gave them.

While giving your teen a huge hug in front of their friends when you drop them off may not be the time, letting your teen know daily you care is important enough to mention, text, email, etc.

A simple message works best, being careful not to embarrass them around their peers.

Parents have the right to set rules and limit privileges when rules are not followed.

This includes house and family rules that are followed out of respect for everyone who lives in the home.

While teens are allowed to make mistakes—and parents should give their teens the ability to earn back their trust—that does not take away the responsibility of a parent to keep their minor child from hurting themselves by setting rules and saying 'no' when needed.