Start Tatsiana belarus fdating 30 y o

Tatsiana belarus fdating 30 y o

It is interesting to me to study concerning your work. I want to speak you as slightly about myself and my city, because, I think, the place of life of the man can much speak about it(him). Near to city on distance approximately of 20- 30 kilometers more than 6 lakes lay. At us it happens very coldly in winter and temperature reaches very seldom -42 degrees. In the latest message Riva explained that she could not afford to use the internet but wanted to come and visit me to "see if we were compatible" (pretty forward given she has not even seen my photo yet! Having not being born yesterday I thought "Well hold on, I would send money for the internet before flying you here after 4 emails! Being even more skeptical (sad I know but have traveled widely and heard some quality scams) I thought I had better do a few searches on the net regarding Russian/West relationships and came across this site...

I want to find with you our love, but I think, that through the letters we can not find her(it). Because I long to think of you before that how to go to sleep. our city proceeds has approximately 200000 population. Because for us practically to not work it is a lot of a factory and factories. I want to tell, that in the summer I love much to float and to lay under the sun. I want to learn(find out) what to love to do(make) you in free time from work. Overall a lucky escape with only dented emotions...

Probably I to not answer some your questions, but I if you will set to me them still, then I shall answer them soon. She gave me her Address as: Svetlana Glushkova Russia Republic Mari-EL Medvedevo Settlement House Three Apt #15 as well as the name of a bank to send the money Via Western Union as she said this would be the best way to send it to her.

I want to speak, that I now have no photos, which I can send, but soon I shall do(make) them for you. It is pleasant, that our acquaintance is a success also we have progress. I asked her many personal questions that were easy enough to answer like how come she was never married what did she think of the poem I wrote to her but she never responded to those questions, that should have been the clue.

I have growth of 172 centimeters and weight of 51 kgs, I have formation(education) of the doctor, I the psychologist.