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Time travel The recent fashion for television costume dramas featuring time travel prompted the government last month to issue a formal warning against scientifically unsound plot lines in dramas.

To fulfill her savior’s wish, our heroine assumes her identity as Li Wei Yang and returns to the girl’s family to live among her enemies. I rarely use the word hot when describing Luo Jin, but my, he’s looking mighty fine fine fine.

The Oscar-winning film director Ang Lee has written a letter of protest after a young protégé, whose sexually explicit scenes in his last movie turned her into a star, was deemed a "non-person" by China's state censor.

In the tv version – our female lead becomes a mellower princess protected by at least three men in her life, but in the book, she’s strong, scheming, cunning, and eventually rises to the position of an Empress.

Book fans are not reacting very kindly to the story changes.

China Film Group spokesperson Jiang Defu would not confirm or deny that Ms Teng's part was on the cutting-room floor, saying only that several parts had been deleted in the final cut, and nothing was sure until the movie hit the screens.

The Founding of a Party deals with the three phases of the setting-up of the Communist Party, which still runs China as a single-party state and has 78 million members.

An order also went out banning any promotion of the actress, and newspaper websites were told to remove stories mentioning her.

Websites also took down discussions of the ban, while attempts to search for her name on Google News were also blocked.

"Beautifying Japanese collaborators sparked the controversy over 'Lust, Caution' in China even more than the sex scenes did," it said.

Nevertheless, there was no sign of any similar ban against Lee himself or against Tony Leung, the established Hong Kong actor who played the collaborator.

Lee is due to be an artistic adviser to the Beijing Olympics, while Leung was once criticised for appearing to defend the Chinese government's assault on the students in Tiananmen Square in 1989.