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Stress and dating

Adults who were in foster care as children have a higher rate of PTSD, however as to the source of trauma, it is not clear whether the events that led to them going into foster care, i.e.:the death of a parent or events in foster care, i.e.:mistreatment or neglect, are the cause.

Other occupations that are at higher risk, including police officers, firefighters, ambulance personnel, health care professionals, train drivers, divers, journalists, and sailors, in addition to people who work at banks, post offices or in stores.

Men are more likely to experience a traumatic event, but women are more likely to experience the kind of high-impact traumatic event that can lead to PTSD, such as interpersonal violence and sexual assault.

As with other trauma types, children's responses to domestic violence vary with age and developmental stage.

In addition, children's responses depend on the severity of the violence, their proximity to the violent events, and the responses of their caregivers.

Individuals frequently experience "survivor's guilt" for remaining alive while others died.

Causes of the symptoms of PTSD are the experiencing or witnessing of a stressor event involving death, serious injury or such threat to the self or others in a situation in which the individual felt intense fear, horror, or powerlessness.

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