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b) Place remaining chunks in a separate bowl to liquify again.

Also, the king and queen have to be graduating pre-school and entering Kindergarten.

When the names, Amarii Richardson, and Lyonna Sawyer, both five, were selected as the 2016 king and queen, the children cheered, and jumped up in down in excitement, while the parents snapped pictures.

And unlike the 2015 king, Amarii didn’t have a problem dancing with his queen.

After prom 2015, she said the children couldn’t stop talking about it. Karen said, they continued talking about it, and asking when the next prom would be, right up to the 2016 prom.

And like all proms, there would be a crowning of a king and queen.

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ll cameras were flashing, as the stars, students of Learning Ladders Educational Center, walked the red carpet at the center’s second annual Pre-School Prom, themed, “A Night in Hollywood.” The event was held on Saturday, April 16, at 419 N. She told The Toledo Journal that the event is in its second year.

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