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Speed dating seniors seattle

“I came here mainly out of curiosity,” said Christie. “I like my own space, but as time goes by I find myself wanting something more.

Woo Me is fast, in that you can only chat for 5 minutes, then you move on to someone new.

You can meet 12 new guys or girls in one hour - not bad!

Complaints were filed with the store about “spitting” and “quarrels and fights” breaking out between the elderly singles in the cafeteria.

#Ikea in Xuhui district has come up against a surprising foe in its attempt to make clients buy and consume food in its dining room.

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Woo Me is the original speed dating site, offering a slick and easy interface to quickly video chat with like-minded guys and girls who want to meet new people to date.

Are you looking for friendship, companionship, and maybe even love? Don’t have the time or patience for the been-there-done-that dating scene? “So many of our members find themselves in this boat,” said Michelle Burke, activities director at the Edmonds Senior Center.