Start Speed dating makati 2016

Speed dating makati 2016

You will know what the advantages and disadvantages of each category are, where exactly they are located on the map, like always have some nice pictures that I took myself and at the end sum it all up so you can decide which route you want to go.

Honestly, this category is a little bit disappointing.

There are no such hooker-discos in Manila (yet) comparable to Liv Super Club in Cebu or High Society in Angeles, where you can just go in, take a look at the girls and ladyboys and then take them to your hotel after five or ten minutes of small talk.

The other hot spot for transgenders in Manila to look for customers is Malate, to be more precise: In front of the Robinson mall (both right in front of the main entrance where people wait for buses and minivans, as well as in front of the Arab restaurant, see map below) and also right on the streets of Malate in Ermita, especially on Adriatico Street and Del Pilar Street.

These ones aren’t usually quite attractive and I even found them a little scary to be honest when they don’t accept a “no, thank you” but keep asking and sometimes even run after you for a while.

You can also find plenty of lady boys in the shopping malls of Manila.

They would be comparable to the street freelancers means they work for themselves, too, however, they are usually more attractive as they don’t mind paying 140 Pesos for a Latte at Starbucks before even meeting someone.

Of course I will update this page as soon as something changes (you can know when I made the last update by looking at the information right underneath the post title).