Start Speed dating in washington state

Speed dating in washington state

Pairs of students (from different professions) share information about their program, professional requirement for licensure, clinical experiences, potential jobs, and how the two professions might work together to provide high quality care for future patients.

Hopefully at least one toque was hidden in an undisclosed location to keep Washington’s restaurant world alive in case something happened to us.

As with the speed dating session, technology plays a key role, notifying consumers of a bumper crop of inexpensive corn or special offering of foraged morel mushrooms for one day only. In the notoriously cutthroat restaurant industry, perhaps sustainability may rank right up there in importance with a great review.

Students rotate to engage with a new partner every 10 minutes.

Popular demand for farm-to-fork restaurant meals puts a huge strain on both chefs and local farmers, who are chained to their work locations—you gotta cook and you gotta farm.