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The abundance of trim packages allows consumers to make a statement of personality with this sassy vehicle, instead of just buying another mode of transportation. The diminutive 500 comes in a hatch, convertible, and now the track-ready Abarth.

More popular with the small and not with the tall, the interior feels as compact as the outside container suggests.

Compact cars typically do not provide the safest vehicle options.

Their design cannot withstand high-speed impacts or rollover situations favorably.

A college student’s dream of being able to park almost anywhere marks a plus for the 2013 Fiat 500.

The vehicle’s total length reaches an astonishing 139.6 inches.

Though more suited for a single person, two adults can sit somewhat comfortably in the front.

However rear-seat legroom at less than 32 inches feels cramped at best.

Hill-start assist comes standard on all trim levels to prevent rollback on particularly steep inclines.