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He tells you about his limits and shares what he knows.

When Microsoft took the bot offline and deleted the offending tweets, it blamed its troubles on a "coordinated effort" to make Tay "respond in inappropriate ways." I suppose it's possible that some of the shitposters were working together, but c'mon.

Things we take for granted — the graphical user interface (GUI) and the app — are becoming extinct, and conversational interfaces are fast becoming the new norm.

It started with Siri, a natural language query system, followed by Alexa, which is moving more toward task automation.

Alan is based on a series of scripts created by a team of content developers.

Unlike some chatbots, Alan doesnt pretend to be human.

Alan is Ai's pattern-matching chatbot, presented here to demonstrate the limitations of current conversational technology.

Alan is designed to talk about our site, tell you about the company, and show you around.

Once we have the right market opportunity, the right use case, then we must design it right!