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The old parts are joined by a central wing, circa 1975.

Two identical measures for a second high school plus $2 million for technology at South Kitsap High failed by narrow margins this year.

The district made two failed attempts in the 1990s to pass a bond for a second high school. The last time South Kitsap passed a bond was in the late 1980s for three elementary schools. District officials — after a bond failure debriefing, safety study of schools and community survey — appear to be banking on the fact that there's something in this bond for everyone.

Anyone entering the main building could easily bypass the office.

Security upgrades at schools would allow staff to control who is admitted. The plumbing system is "fair," with a water heater dating to 1957.

"Part of it is just that staff really goes with the flow."The HVAC system is a mix of various equipment.

Its boilers are either in constant need of repair or have been abandoned, according to a facilities report.

It's pneumatically powered, not a computer chip on it.

One part of the building served as a hospital before its conversion to a school.

Other vintage schools in South Kitsap are Olalla Elementary, the original part of which was built in 1954, and South Colby Elementary, whose original structure dates to 1956.

These pre-1960 schools have plenty of character — like the taxidermy owl at Olalla — but they're high maintenance, said Michael Riley, assistant director of facilities.

The bond would dedicate $41.5 million to "safety, security and health" improvements at all schools.