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We have the helpline numbers and location of the USPS centers also.

Some of the services guarantee overnight delivery of the package in United States. You can check the locations which provide these services on this website. Parcel can be sent overnight within USA through this. However, there is restrictions on the type of goods that can be sent.

USPS Retail Ground: This is the standard mail and courier service. However, it is cheapest as compared to the other modes. Check the permitable items in this type of delivery from the official website.

You can upgrade your consignment to My USPS free of cost.

This will give you more control and information about the package. The organization focuses on good customer experience.

Only limited information is available if your package is going to the other countries. Priority Mail: This service is available at many locations in USA.

Here we will briefly take a look at the various types of mail services. It is one of the best postal service inspite of many private firms in competition. The service takes 1 -3 business days to deliver the package. Priority Mail Express Service: This is the fastest available service in Unites States Postal Service. Media Mail: USPS has made this service to deliver goods at low cost.

US Postal service provides some benefits to the sender and receiver like and others.

Every consignment has a label number or a tracking number. The parcel goes through 11 scans and checkpoints before delivery.

Charges may be applied as per the method (online or offline). In case your shipment is stuck in same place for many days, contact the above numbers.

Email Address for support: The below procedure explain how to contact customer support through email. We have some direct email address for you in this section.

We have all the helpline and support email address below. Bad weather or strike might be the reason for this.