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(h) to make and enforce by-laws and regulations for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Society. Seven members shall form a quorum at any such meeting. Visitors may be admitted to any meeting at the dis- cretion of the Chairman but shall not be allowed to address the meeting except by invitation of the Chairman. They should apply in writ- ing to the Secretary, stating their names and addresses, and men- tioning the Branch Society to which they belong. Members of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, by a letter received in 1903, are accorded the privileges of admission to the monthly meetings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, which are held usually at the Society's house, 1 Park Street, Calcutta.

1 Modern Development, by Zaba (Zain AU Abidin bin Ahmad) 142 LIST OF PLATES.

Coastal limestone, Pulau Dayang Bunting, Langkawi .

JOURNAL of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society October, 1939.

1 The Flora of the Limestone Hills of the Malay Peninsula by M.

98 Notes on the Meaning of some Malay Words, Part III (Kedah Words) by J.

144 An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Times in the Malay Peninsula and the Straits of Malacca by Roland Braddell .

They shall pay no subscription ; they shall enjoy the privileges of members (except a vote at meetings and eligibility for office) and free receipt of the Society's publications. (/) to accept or decline donations on behalf of the Society. One week’s notice of all meetings shall be given and of the subjects to be discussed or dealt with. At all meetings the Chairman shall in the case of an equality of votes be entitled to a casting vote in addition to his own. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February in each year. Copies of such report and account shall be circulated to members with the notice calling the meeting. The Journal shall be published at least twice in each year, and oftener if material is available. In the first number of each volume shall be published the Report of the Council, the account of the financial position of the Society, a list of members and the Rules. Every member shall be entitled to one copy of the Jour- nal, which shall be sent free by post. If passed at such General Meeting they shall come into force upon confirmation at a subsequent General Meeting or at an Annual General Meeting. relating to oriental subjects, and holds monthly meetings from November to June (inclusive) at which papers on such subjects are read. By Rule 105 of this Society all the Members of Branch Societies are entitled when on furlough or otherwise temporarily resident within Great Britain and Ireland, to use of the Library as Non-Resident Members and to attend the ordinary monthly meetings of the Society.

XVI) consists of three VI The first part contains a long paper by Mr. The second part contains two papers dealing with Malay traditional literature by our Honorary Member Sir Richard Winstedt ; some notes on the Keris by Mr. It is many years since the Society held a social function. Corresponding Members may, on the recommendation of two members of the Council, be elected by a majority of the Coun- cil, in recognition of services rendered to any scientific institution in British Malaya. Vice-Presidents not exceeding six, ordinarily two each from (i) the Straits Settlements, (it) the Federated Malay States and (Hi) the Unfederated or other Protected States, although this allocation shall in no way be binding on the electors. XI (e) to select and purchase books, maps and manuscripts for the Library. (t) At the Annual General Meeting the Council shall present a report for the preceding year and the Treasurer shall render an account of the financial condition of the Society. Amendments to these Rules must be proposed in writing to the Council, who shall submit them to a General Meeting duly summoned to consider them. The Royal Asiatic Society has its headquarters at 74 Grosvenor Street, London, W., where it has a large library and collection of MSS.

A New Chinese Temple 98 A New Chinese Temple 98 Part II.

— Notes on the Meaning of Some Malay Words, Part III.

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